2018-19 Demize PASL Roster Announcement

2018-19 Demize PASL Roster Announcement

A wonderful turnout of talent took the field, each with a similar goal of making the 2018-19 Demize PASL team. Earlier this year, the Demize finished as National Semifinalists. With such a vein of success, we will only aim higher. To accomplish this goal, a strong squad with quality and depth must be formed, and with the array of quality at show at tryouts, there can only be success in the future. Thank you to all the guys who came out to the tryout and congratulations the players who made the team. The following players have been selected to the preliminary roster for the 2018-19 Demize PASL squad:

Amar Pearson Evangel University
Andres Melendez Demize PASL
Andy Hyres Demize PASL
Benjamin Johnson Demize PASL
Brady Fox Demize PASL
Caleb Rodriguez Demize PASL
Christian Clardy Evangel University
Danny Parrish Marshfield HS
Desmond Williams Demize PASL
Domi Salcedo Demize PASL
Duncan Livingston Central HS
Ethan Nance Boroondara Eagles FC
Guilerme Barbosa Demize PASL
Jaxn Rogers Demize PASL
Jeffery Darko MSU
Joel Barroso Demize PASL
Jordan Houseman Demize PASL
Josh Nance Boroondara Eagles FC
Josiah Dinwiddie Evangel University
Jung Woo-So Central HS
Kyler Moore Demize PASL
Luis Santillan Demize PASL
Michel Allou UCO
Oscar Leiva Demize PASL
Erik Pereira Waldorf University