Total Demize Soccer Club

Club Model

Total Demize Soccer Club is committed to providing the most unique soccer club experience in southwest Missouri.  In addition to 20+ youth teams playing in leagues all over the midwest, the organization is capable of taking players all the way from early childhood through the semi-professional level of play in the United Soccer League (USL, Premier Development League (PDL). 


Total Demize Soccer Club (TDSC) and Total Demize Soccer Academy (TDSA) is committed to developing great people and enhancing the community through soccer.  TDSC will prepare young players how to play soccer both technically and tactically, in a safe and constructive environment while also participating at the highest level of national and international competition.

The club is also committed to preparing players to be successful scolar-athletes in high school and college.  This will be accomplished through education on healthy lifestyle choices and the college recruiting process.  TDSC and TDSA will be recognized as a community leader in player participation in club sponsored outreach programs and as the sponsor of an annual soccer tournament, the Friendship Cup.


TDSC and TDSA were established for the specific purpose of developing a competitive youth soccer program whose goals are to achieve state, regional, and national soccer championship titles, as well as developing players capable of receiving college scholarships based on their playing ability and academic achievement. However, realization of these goals must be accomplished within the proper framework by instilling character, self-esteem, confidence, and sportsmanship within the youth athlete.

Achievement of these lofty and worthwhile objectives within the appropriate environment can only be reached through the mature behavior and the exemplary conduct of the coaches, parents, and officials of the Club. Their relationship with the players must be of the highest ethical and moral standards and be based upon concern and just principles that ensure equitable treatment prevails in all circumstances. 


An aggressive desire for victory combined with the procedural and graduated development of soccer skills through exceptional coaching and advanced training techniques is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, realization by all that soccer remains only a game is an inherent aspect of the philosophy of the Club that must always be recognized.

TDSC and our coaching staff strive to attract players and parents with these common interests:
  • creating an environment in which players can reach their full potential and achieve the self-confidence and positive self-esteem necessary to be successful both on and off the soccer field.

  • developing individual skills, and team tactics to enable players and/or teams to compete at the state, regional, and national level.
    preparing and assisting college bound players in obtaining playing opportunities and scholarships.

  • guidance of prospective college student-athletes and young professionals.

  • promoting the game of soccer.





Springfield Demize PDL

The Springfield Demize is a Premier Development League (PDL) franchise that operates within the USL.  The Springfield Demize provides a high level of soccer entertainment that specializes in soccer development.  The primary and long-term goal of the Springfield Demize organization is to create an environment where youth soccer players have the opportunity to be exposed to higher levels of soccer through the USL during the summer months and as well as professional coaching year round.



Our mission is “To develop and expose all levels of soccer and to foster life values and lessons in the Springfield community and its surrounding communities through the interaction with the Springfield Demize and its various programs, camps, academies, coaching clinics, PDL games, and reserve teams.”



“To be providers of the total soccer development and entertainment experience by bringing the highest level of soccer to the city of Springfield, Missouri and its surrounding communities.”


To achieve its vision, the Springfield Demize organization has adopted this ancient Latin term to describe its organizational oath.