Coach Guilherme Ferreira Breaks Down PASL Season

Coach Guilherme Ferreira Breaks Down PASL Season

The 2019-2020 PASL season is here and Demize is ready to take on the club's next challenge with Guilherme Ferreira at the helm. We sat down with the new coach to give fans an idea of what they have to look forward to this winter.  

Coach Guilherme is very excited about the squad that Demize has put together this season. "We have a hard working group that brings a diverse set of backgrounds together to work collectively as a unit," Ferreira says, "We have a good mix of speed, technical ability, and physicality that comes together as the perfect recipe for success on the field." He believes in this group and feels that each player has a role on the team. "The three main attitudes I look for from our players is a love for the game, commitment to our goals, and a winning mindset," he says. 

In his first year coaching PASL soccer, Ferreira is adapting to the game quickly. "The game is similar to outdoor soccer in that you must have intelligence of the sport, physical fitness, and a proper mindset, but indoor soccer requires more technical ability," he states. Guilherme is looking to bring his futsal background into play in his tactics this season. "Using a futsal style of play is a challenge if you consider the rules, court, and how other teams in the league play, but I feel that it can bring success if executed correctly." 

Coach Guilherme finished by stating that his goals for the PASL season are to qualify for nationals and continue to grow the club on and off the field. He knows that Demize will need the community's help in accomplishing these goals. "We would love to see the soccer community in Springfield and throughout Missouri support us in our efforts. Demize appreciates all of the support you give us and we will represent your community with pride," he concluded.