Demize dominate home opener, defeating the defending midwest conference champs 6-2

Demize dominate home opener, defeating the defending midwest conference champs 6-2

The Demize PASL team embarked on a feat not attempted by many this weekend. Demize spearheaded a doubleheader, playing two games in less than twenty-four hours. The first of which came Friday and marked the beginning of the Demize PASL 2017-18 league campaign. In their opening match, Demize played the reigning champions of last year, Barilleros FC from Kansas City. In this eminent match-up, the Demize roared to a strong 3-0 lead in the first quarter. The home team began focused and intent with the opening goal coming in the first minute by Kyler Moore. Following suit, the Demize seized a lead that would be too great for the reigning champs to return from, closing the quarter with goals from Luis Santillan and Jose Valdez. The second half saw Jaxn Rogers add a goal from a free kick with Kaleb Romero and Marco Cardona also getting on the scoresheet. Demize PASL constructed a solid team performance featuring six goals from six different players.

The second match-up of the weekend was away to the Wichita Selection. The Selection are a new team to the conference and have added another high-performance, quality team to strengthen the schedule for the Midwest. After an early goal from the Demize, the Selection found a consistency that would last the game, as they took the lead in the first quarter 3-1. A strong-willed performance by Demize PASL searched and prodded for a way to take the lead against Wichita. Even with a hat trick from last seasons top scorer, Desmond Williams, Demize was unsuccessful in regaining and retaining a lead. The Wichita Selection downed a fatigued Demize PASL 8-5, which places both at 3 points atop the league table after the first weekend of action in the Midwest Conference. 

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