Springfield Demize Academy showcase at Branson Shootout Futsal Tournament

The 2nd annual Branson Shootout Futsal Tournament was held January 9th-11th at the Branson Convetion Center.  With twelve SDA teams playing in nine divisions, the academy teams set a high standard of futsal excellence with five teams placing first or second place at the event. The SDA U13 boys placed first in the U13 Pink division with a 3-0 record. The SDA U13 boys scored 19 goals for and had 7 goals against over the three game round robin formate.  Both SDA U12 Boys teams finished first and second place in there respective divisions with a combined record of 5-1 with the U12 Boys falling just short in the championship games vs SWAT.  " This match was one of the highlights of the weekend for me as it showcased futsal with two teams playing at a very high level for thier respective ages, unfortunately the SDA U12's where unable to maintain our lead and late in the game SWAT was able to score a few quick goals to take the win. " stated the Director of Coaching, Chris Hanlon. The two U12 boys team compiled a total of 43 goals for and only 20 goals against over the six games.

The U14 boys finish second place for the second straight year after falling to the Branson White team.  In a rematch of the final from last year, the Demize fell 5-3 and although they outscored there opponents 23-8 where not able to capitolize against Branson early in the match hitting the post on multiple occasions.  " It's tough in a round robin formate, the U14s played amazing futsal all weekend but in the game vs Branson we were just off the mark a little bit and we made a few bad decisions on the defenise side of the ball that our opponents capitalized on early in the match. We look forward to a little redemtion next year. "

Both the SDA U12/13 girls(0-2-1) and the SDA U14 Girls (3-0) played in the same division where they faced off against each other in the first game of group play, saw both teams battling to a 5-3 game where the older SDA Girls were able to edge out the U12-13 girls in a match that featured excellent goalkeeping from both teams. The SDA U14 girls took the top honors with 13 goals for and only 3 goals against. ( all three goals coming at the hands of the SDA U12/13 girls team )   

Both of the academy's high school boys teams had to win there final matches to be champions. Unfortuately the U15-16 team playing up in a U17 division fell short and finished in 3rd.  The SDA U18 boys looked like they had the championship in hand with a 6-2 lead going into the second half.  " I have to give credit the Ravens, from Boonville Arkansas, they needed a win or a tie to take first place and they did not give up, at one point in the second half we had a five goal lead and while that may seem like a big lead in futsal if your team makes mistakes you get punished and when you dont finish your goal scoring chances you get counter attacked, "stated the DOC Chris Hanlon.  With the game ending in a 8-8 draw it knocked the SDA U18 boys out of medal contention and they finished in 3rd place.  A special mention to the SDA U10 and SDA U10-11 girls and the SDA U10 boys, that for the first time featured players from all three academy programs including the Joplin Demize Acadmey and the new Waynsville Demize Academy. These teams are developing and are on their way to future championships as they continue to improve their level of play by partipating in these types of events.  


Twelve Springfield Demize and Joplin Demize Academy teams will be finishing up league play on January 30-31st in the Kansas City US Futsal League where many teams are currently in the top two or three spots in their respective division standings in the league and with the 2nd session of indoors starting this week at Lake Country. The Academy program still has lots of futsal games left to play. With teams playing in the USYF Queen City Futsal league at the Shrine Mosque. 

" The Demize soccer organization have been leaders in bringing futsal to the forefront of youth developmental in Southwest Missouri. We are the only youth club to win multiple US Futsal league titles. A Regional championship in the past with our U10 boys and we have had multiple age groups and teams make the US Futsal National semi-finals with our U17 girls being a national finalist, " stated the Demize Academy's Director of Coaching, Chris Hanlon.  "I also want to recognize both our coaching staff and the team managers that spend many hours working both with the teams and behind the scenes to allow us to participate in these types of soccer events."