Jaxn Rogers as Lady Demize Pro Coach

Jaxn Rogers, for Demize Soccer Academy player and current NPSL and PASL player, has been hired as the Lady Demize Pro Coach.

Jaxn Rogers as Lady Demize Pro Coach

In an effort to continually improve the Demize Soccer Academy, it is a pleasure to introduce Jaxn Rogers as the Head Pro Coach of the Lady Demize. Jaxn Rogers rejoins the Demize Soccer Academy after three years playing in England for Richmond International and for Bradford City FC U23’s. Coach Rogers himself played for the Demize Academy in his youth from the age of 15 until his years in college. Now Jaxn plays for both the Demize NPSL and PASL teams with much success on both teams. He not only has become a mainstay in the starting line ups for both teams, he also was voted to 1st team Heartland All-Conference in the NPSL and was invited to participate in the 2018 NPSL Player Showcase. Rogers has a boast of accolades that bolster his resume of quality playing experience and impressive knowledge of the game. To gain valuable experience, Rogers coached at the collegiate level for Evangel University this past fall. Experiencing the college level from a coaching perspective provides Rogers with an even higher level of understanding of the game and of coaching that will allow him to be an integral part of the Demize programs.

Jaxn relishes the opportunity to become the Head Pro Coach of the Lady Demize. Roger says, “To be able to be the Pro Coach for the Lady Demize is an incredible opportunity. I’ve been with the club since I was 15, so being able to now help coach and push the club to the potential I’ve seen all these years is amazing.” Previously, Rogers has coached at the high school and college boys level. Coaching with the Lady Demize provides a considerably different task for the young coach; however, he is more than ecstatic to have, as he states, “the opportunity to help with not only the youth in the club, but also the Lady Demize is a great new challenge for me as a coach.” Obviously, the development of our youth teams is of the highest importance to each of the coaches and staff at Demize Soccer Academy. With this in mind, Coach Rogers was asked what his ideology toward the development of the girls would be. To this, Rogers replies, “I am hoping I can develop the Lady Demize into an atmosphere where the girls can grow in every aspect of their lives, not just on the soccer field. These girls have been amazing in the four months I’ve had with them and I’m excited to see how much we can accomplish in the future.”

Clearly, Coach Jaxn Rogers is very excited to take on his new role as the Pro Coach for the Lady Demize and the Demize Soccer Academy is just as excited to invite him onto the professional staff already at display. Chris Hanlon, the Owner of the Club and Director of Soccer Operations has this to say about his newest addition to the staff: “Jaxn has been with the Demize since he was 15 years old and we are proud that he has decided to continue helping the programs. He has always bought into what we are doing in Southwest Missouri and will do a great job leading our girls to the goals we have set.” Every member of the Demize Academy understands that Rogers is a great coach and everyone is thrilled to see how well he will do in the Lady Demize programs.

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