Former Demize player Trevor Spangenburg playing with PRFC

UPDATE: The past two seasons Trevor has made the jump from backup in the MLS to the starting keepering in the North American Soccer League,  NASL with Puerto Rico FC. In March 2015 he signed to play with the New England Revolution after the Chivas USA folded at the end of the last MLS season.  

Former Springfield Demize goalkeeper Trevor Spangenberg is headed to Major League Soccer. A standout for the Demize over the past two seasons in the PDL, and as member of the Demize PASL team this past winter. Spangenberg signed with Chivas USA in 2014 and has now signed with the New England Revolution after the Chivas USA folded at the end of the last MLS season.  Congratulations to Trevor and good luck with the 2015 season.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Former Springfield Demize goalkeeper Trevor Spangenberg is headed to Major League Soccer. A standout for the Demize over the past two seasons in the PDL and as member of the Demize PASL team this past winter. Spangenberg has signed with Chivas USA as he earned the final goalkeeper spot for the MLS side’s upcoming season.

A native of Valparaiso, Ind., Spangenberg began playing soccer at the age of five, and tried various positions, yet knew by the age of 12 that he wanted to focus on being a goalkeeper. When asked why he chose goalkeeping, Spangenberg joked, “there is less running”.

On a serious note, the position came naturally to Spangenberg as he developed, and he enjoyed the challenge brought by the hand-eye coordination that comes with the position.

“You also need to be a bit crazy to enjoy having soccer balls kicked hard and fast at you,” Spangenberg said.

After starting every game in his four-year high school career, and recording 12 shutouts as his side went undefeated in his senior season, Spangenberg was named to the All-Area First Team, All-Conference First Team, and earned Player of the Year honors in the Northern Indiana Conference.

His play led him to Missouri State University, where he helped the Bears claim the Missouri Valley Conference regular season championship in three of his four seasons at the school. As the team succeeded, the individual accolades continued to accumulate for Spangenberg, as he set an MVC record for fewest goals allowed in a season, and became MSU’s all-time leader in goals-against average. He also set a school record for consecutive shutouts in a season, as he recorded seven straight clean sheets last fall in his senior season.

As you would expect given his success, Spangenberg is not shy about working hard. Putting aside the comments of those who told him how hard it is to reach Major League Soccer, Spangenberg said that if you want something badly enough, and are willing to put in the time and effort to achieving your goal, then it can happem.

“Start training and you’ll get out of it as much as you put in,” he said. “While my friends were having fun, I was putting in extra practices and tending to the small details. I wanted to improve, and so I constantly challenged myself.”

Part of that challenge was to come back after injury in 2012 and play for the Demize in the PDL.  Before his injury Trevor had earned the role as Captain for the Demize team that had already made its mark defeating the Des Moines Menace for the first time in frachise history with Trevor between the pipes.  " Trevor's injury was a freak accident during an away match against the Colorado Foxes.  Some players would not have had the dedication or metal toughness to overcome the type of injury, but that is the difference that seperates Trevor from all the other players that talk about playing at the next level. Trevor came back even stronger and more focus as a result, " said Demize former head coach Armen Toninase. 

“Armen Tonianse, Chris Hanlon, Brenda Turnbull, and the other owners, and coaches Sean Fraser and Glen Johnson, were very supportive and allowed me to play in goal after being hurt and sitting out  the entire 2012 season,” Spangenberg said.

Playing with the Demize allowed Spangenberg to gain additional experience, and prepare for the next collegiate season. Spangenberg is grateful to the Demize, and hopes that they can utilize his success to continue to build the program in Southwest Missouri.

After graduating from MSU in December, 2013, Spangenberg played in Sweden, and got a call from his MSU coach that he would be attending a training camp in Arizona for Chivas USA. Even though Spangenberg was excited about the possibility of playing in MLS, he was cautious about getting his hopes up too high. He continued to train and prepare.

Ultimately, Chivas USA selected him to take the remaining goalkeeping spot on the club’s roster.

“I am so fortunate to be training with [Chivas USA starter] Dan Kennedy and learning from one of the best ‘keepers in the league,” Spangenberg said. “Since I am one of the youngest goalkeepers in MLS, it is important that I learn from the best.”

When asked what he looked forward to most about playing in MLS, Spangenberg didn’t hesitate.

“I want to know that I can play at this level of the game,” he said. “I want to be out there on the field playing, where there are 40,000-50,000 fans yelling at you.”

The Demize’s fans will definitely be part of those cheering, and wishing Spangenberg the best all along the way.