Mary Smith


USSF E Youth License

Assistant Coach: 

  • SDA U8 Boys
  • LDA U8 Girls
  • SDA U12 Boys

Team Manager SDA U12 Boys

Since 2015, our four boys currently play club soccer with the Demize Academy.  My husband and I decided to do everything possible to keep our children in a social, athletic environment due to homeschooling.  Our family was introduced to club soccer by a fellow Demize coach.  We saw the benefits of the academy program and they chose to dedicate themselves to one sport, soccer.

We enrolled our first son in the YMCA program (first year of soccer) when he was 6 years old.  After the season was over, we made a decision, at that time, to coach our children.  We noticed a need for coaches that had patience and knowledge of the sport.  Coaching came natural to both of us.  We quickly began to educate ourselves with the sport through others who had played, reading manuals, viewing teaching videos and USSF coaching courses.

As coaches, we were always looking for new ways to more effectively teach all aspects of the game.  Over the last 9 years of coaching soccer, we found the following to be particularly valuable and effective for coaching youth players:  FOCUS...on developing good footskills and fundamental technique which develop good habits;  COMPOSURE...on the ball and good first touch, which takes time and patience to cultivate;  PLAYER DEVELOPMENT...which is more important than winning.  Attitude plays such a big role in their character as a player.   These were just some of the characteristics we wanted to instill in our players, which work on and off the field.

We are grateful for the opportunites and opened doors that the Demize soccer provides for youth players in Southwest Missouri.